Master Thesis


An Automatic Generation System for Kanji Fonts -- Implementation of Precise Generation System of Kanji Variants by Combination of Kanji Parts and Strokes


This paper presents a Kanji font generating system which has an ability to generate more than fifty thousand Kanjis by computers.

Conventional systems for automatic font generating systems have a tendency to generate pre-designed basis fonts which are used for human font designing. No such systems provides automatic generation methods for Kanji variant fonts.

Kanji parts are constructed with skeleton data represented by parameters of a few dimensions, and are combined to generate Kanji fonts. In this paper, the possibility of processing extended Kanjis are investigated which have not been able to be generated by computer. Then, model for guarantee information exchange of Kanji font is proposed on huge computer networks such as the Internet. This model consists of a font server placed on a computer network, and all of the computers on the network can get Kanji fonts to generate by the system.

In this paper, the engine of the font generating system was implemented, and was evaluated by generating various Kanji fonts. A basic font server was also implemented, and was used as a model of a font server on the computer network.

Koichi KAMICHI --